Last Minute Gift Idea for Women


Perfect Gift Idea for WomenA few days ago I wrote about a gift idea for grandparents. Today I would like to share a great gift idea for women. Are you still looking for the perfect gift for a lady in your life? Sometimes shopping for presents for women can be challenging. They aren’t always the greatest at giving ideas or suggestions. I can speak from experience : ) If you are still trying to find a gift for a lady in your life, I have a great idea. This gift idea is perfect because it can fit any budget and is a perfect way to give the gift of luxury. This is a great idea for a women who wears make up and likes beauty products. One great gift idea for women is a Birchbox subscription.
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My Big Goal for 2015

Picture1As a personal finance blogger,you would probably expect me to have a big money-related goal like pay off my student loans this year. While I do have a few finance related goals for 2015, most of my energy will be focused towards a different goal that has nothing to do with money or finance. My goal for 2015 is to practice Mindfulness.

What is Mindfulness

The other night I was vegging in front of the TV and 60 Minutes happened to be on.. The last segment featured Anderson Cooper talking about Mindfulness with Jon Kabat-Zinn. You can watch a clip of this story here or read the story here. It’s super interesting!  I had never really heard of Mindfulness until now. Mindfulness is about the awareness that arises through paying attention on purpose in the present moment. Mindfulness is about being present and living more.

The Mindfulness movement is starting to gain traction in the United States. Companies like Google are incorporating aspects of this practice into their work environment. For example,Google will start many meetings with a minute or two of silence to help calm every down and get focused. If Google is practicing mindfulness, then that must mean it’s legit, right?

Anderson Cooper admits that he is terrible at living in the moment. Anderson says that he is always thinking about something that happened in the past or something that is going to happen in the future. He is also attached to his phone and checks his email several times an hour. Wow, does that sound familiar. 

What 2014 was like

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What to Give Grandparents for Christmas

Christmas present for Grandparents.jpg

Every year I struggle with what to get my grandparents for Christmas. They typically don’t need a lot. If you ask them for ideas the response is that they don’t need anything. Seriously, shopping for grandparents can be so challenging! I always procrastinate and buy their presents at the last minute hoping to get a great idea. This year I had a great idea and wanted to share it with anyone still trying to find the perfect Christmas present for your grandparents.  [Read more…]

Extra Income Challenge November Results

extra income challenge

Last month I decided to join an Extra Income Challenge  hosted by Lance at Money Manifesto. Why would you challenge yourself to make extra money? The answer is actually pretty simple: Earning more money is awesome. Extra income allows you to do things you wouldn’t normally  be able to do. Maybe it’s going out for happy hour or buying a new pair of shoes. Or maybe you could be extra responsible and put that money towards savings or paying off debt : ) In any case, earning extra income is a way to get ahead in life. [Read more…]

My Fantastically Frugal Weekend

This past weekend was exactly what I needed. It was like a spa getaway weekend for my soul. I didn’t realize how badly I needed this weekend until I sat down to write this post. I just feel so good. Inspired, rested and ready to take on December. We didn’t do anything big this weekend and hardly spent any money. Rather, we did a lot of little things. It was all good frugal fun. Here’s a peak into my frugal weekend activities:


This isn’t an activity but time was a wonderful highlight of this weekend. One of the perks of working for an employer is paid holidays. Hubby and I were both off Thursday and Friday. I was grateful for every minute of this long weekend.  For the last three weeks or so my husband has been extremely busy at work. He hasn’t been getting home until 8 PM or later and going into the office on Saturdays. It was so nice having him home and around this weekend.


I’m proud to say that we did very little shopping. In fact, we did ZERO shopping on Black Friday. I saw several Facebook posts with people  talking (bragging?) about all the stuff they purchased on Black Friday. Recently it seems like many of my friends have loosened up their wallets. I can’t decide if the increased spending is a result of them getting better paying jobs or simply feeling more comfortable spending. I’m slightly afraid that consumers are quickly forgetting all of the painful lessons we learned during the last recession.



I made this table runner. I was feeling the need to get crafty/creative and my mom offered to help me sew something for the holidays. Let me tell you something- making that little table runner was a lot of work! I really enjoyed creating it but wow, there is a lot of skill and time that goes into making these types of things. I should mention that sewing is not typically a ” frugal ” hobby. A quality sewing machine, supplies and fabric is actually rather expensive. Luckily for me, this project was made entirely from fabric my mom already had and I used her sewing machine. She didn’t charge me for the fabric. I love the way the runner turned out. I had fun getting creative and working with my mom to sew it. New skills were learned and many good laughs were had.


IMG_0080Games are one of my favorite frugal things. Hubby and I put together this 1000 piece puzzle. We actually started it two weeks ago but didn’t make a ton of progress. We swore that it would get done this weekend and it did!

IMG_0070We played Settlers of Catan with my family after Thanksgiving lunch. I think many families play games over Thanksgiving. We usually play after lunch and before dessert. Good, competitive fun was had. Do you play games with your family on Thanksgiving? What games do you play?


IMG_0073We made Lefse. Lefse is a Norwegian potato bread. You start out with ten pounds of potatoes and eventually process them into beautiful, delicious crepe-like creations. Each piece is individually rolled out and grilled. I love to eat lefse with butter, sugar and a cinnamon. YUM. Hubby and I love big baking projects like this. We made about 40 pieces of lefse and divided them amoung our family.

Hanging Out


We also did a lot of hanging out around the house. It was great. We knew that the stores and restaurants would probably be very busy because of the holiday weekend. So we pretty much avoided society. We love bumming around the house! Felt great. Ruby enjoyed watching the dog show : )

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? What was the highlight?