Three Top Tips for Renovating Your Home on a Budget

Three Top Tips for Renovating Your Home on a Budget

Home improvements are a luxury, but often the budget just isn’t there. Today we look at three tips to help you renovate your home without breaking the bank.

Are Generation Y saving enough for their retirement?

Are generation Y saving enough for retirement?

Generation Y want to retire with a £95,000 pension – but are they saving enough?

We all dream of a luxury retirement – lavish holidays, expensive hobbies, and disposable income to spend on the grandchildren. And with the much lauded pension freedoms enabling the over-55’s to draw 25% of their fund as tax-free cash, this could be a reality for many – if they get the right kind of financial advice, and have enough cash in their pension pot.

How to market your small business—for free!


Venturing out into the world of owning your own small business can seem daunting. There is so much to consider, so much to pay for and so many decisions to make. Owning your own business isn’t for everyone, but if you have even the slightest desire to do it, I fully would encourage you to try it out in some way, even if you start small.

Want to get started? 5 Steps to turning your business idea into a reality

As most of you know, Liz recently announced she’s starting her own tax prep business. My husband has actually worked for himself for many years now, so I thought it’d be fun to share the various ways we advertise for free.

Small Business Updates


Between the television commercials, news articles,and blog posts.. I have a feeling that it’s finally tax season. Why would I say finally? Well, because I’ve literally been thinking about this tax season for a year now.  I work as a CPA by day and specifically in tax. Ever since leaving my first job in public […]

Frugal Fun Winter List


Winter can be such a drag. Especially when you are living in the north. It’s just too dang cold to go outside. It’s even been too cold to take Ruby for a walk! I feel so bad for her. While we’ve managed to go on a few very short walks, it’s nothing like her daily walk […]

Never Stop Looking for Opportunities to Save Money


I’m wasting no time in the new year to start saving money. In the first five days of 2015, I’ve found two way to save more than$600! None of my saving strategies are revolutionary. Anyone can use these methods to save money. I will admit that saving money does require some effort. Companies will not volunteer […]

Goals for 2015


Happy New Year! The new year has arrived whether we are ready or not. I have to be honest, I haven’t taken a lot of time to consider or write down my goals for the new year. I think it’s because I know exactly what I want to accomplish this year. It’s a nice feeling to know […]

A Quick Hello


I just wanted to drop by and say hello to everyone. I hope you’re all enjoying a nice holiday season. On Christmas Eve hubby and I flew out to Chicago and spent four days with my in-laws. We had a great trip and (surprisingly inexpensive). Now we’re back home and enjoying time off from work until […]

My Student Loan Debt Reveal

our student loans

A few months ago, I mentioned that I would be revealing our debt figures this December. Well my friends, the time has finally come. To be honest, I’m feeling a bit self-conscious about it too. Please be kind! Today you get to see a screen shot of our debt with Sallie Mae Navient. We’ve been working […]

Last Minute Gift Idea for Women


  A few days ago I wrote about a gift idea for grandparents. Today I would like to share a great gift idea for women. Are you still looking for the perfect gift for a lady in your life? Sometimes shopping for presents for women can be challenging. They aren’t always the greatest at giving […]

My Big Goal for 2015


As a personal finance blogger,you would probably expect me to have a big money-related goal like pay off my student loans this year. While I do have a few finance related goals for 2015, most of my energy will be focused towards a different goal that has nothing to do with money or finance. My […]

What to Give Grandparents for Christmas

Christmas present for Grandparents

Every year I struggle with what to get my grandparents for Christmas. They typically don’t need a lot. If you ask them for ideas the response is that they don’t need anything. Seriously, shopping for grandparents can be so challenging! I always procrastinate and buy their presents at the last minute hoping to get a great […]

Extra Income Challenge November Results

extra income challenge

Last month I decided to join an Extra Income Challenge  hosted by Lance at Money Manifesto. Why would you challenge yourself to make extra money? The answer is actually pretty simple: Earning more money is awesome. Extra income allows you to do things you wouldn’t normally  be able to do. Maybe it’s going out for happy hour or […]

My Fantastically Frugal Weekend


This past weekend was exactly what I needed. It was like a spa getaway weekend for my soul. I didn’t realize how badly I needed this weekend until I sat down to write this post. I just feel so good. Inspired, rested and ready to take on December. We didn’t do anything big this weekend […]

I Hired a Business Coach


As my regular readers may know, I decided to start a side business. I know that I will need to invest in my business venture if I want to see it succeed. The idea is scary and feels risky. Yes, even though I will be keeping my costs low, it is still hard to part […]