How I Save Money on Entertainment

Favorite Trick for Savings Money on EntertainmentJust because my husband and I are paying off a mountain of student loan debt, doesn’t mean I’m sacrificing entertainment and having fun. If we’re going to survive our journey to debt freedom, I think it’s really important that we are able to have fun and relax along the way. Agree? While we’ve found a lot of free ways to have fun, we still spend money on entertainment from time to time. When I spend, I look for deals. Really good deals. How do I score the best deal and maximize fun? I actually use a combination of tools. Here’s one of my favorite:  I like to purchase Living Social vouchers using Ebates to save money on entertainment. [Read more...]

6 Surefire Ways to Hurt Your Credit Score

Everyone knows that a credit score is extremely important for purchasing a home, vehicle, or being approved for a credit card. Because your credit score determines your borrowing power, it is imperative that you learn how to avoid damaging your  credit score. Here are six surefire ways to hurt your credit score.

1. Applying for Too Many Credit Lines

It is easy to make the mistake of applying for too many credit lines at once, especially if you do not have any credit and you want to establish your credit as quickly as possible. However, applying for too many credit lines can quickly damage your score because every time you apply for one your credit report is pulled. If your credit report is pulled too many times in one year, it makes you look desperate for credit and lowers your score.

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September {in Review}

Oh September, you were there and gone in the blink of an eye. It was a busy and beautiful month. I just don’t know if I’m ready for October yet.

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Five Things You Don’t Have to Give Up to Pay Off Debt

5 things you dont have to give up while paying off your debt

Paying off debt is a major undertaking. It’s a huge commitment and requires planning and making sacrifices. Trust me, I understand. We’ve been in the trenches paying off student loan debt since 2009. We’ve had some really bad days. Sometimes it feels like we will never finish paying off our student loans. Sometimes I wonder if we should sacrifice more and other days I wonder if we should have just paid the minimums all along? Managing debt is stressful.

Even though you’ve probably made many sacrifices while paying off debt, you don’t have to give up everything.  Here are five things that you do not have to sacrifice to pay off your debt:

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Five Tips for Making Budgeting Fun for Creatives

How to Make Budgeting Fun for Creatives

I bet you never thought that you would use the words “fun” and “budgeting” in the same sentence. To be honest, I never did either and it’s probably a bit of a stretch. But hear me out: There are ways to make budgeting less boring. Creative people usually do really well with visuals and color. Those characteristics can be hard to find in your typical budgets, and spreadsheets.  Here are 5 tips to make budgeting fun and effective for creatives.

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