10 Reasons I Love Living a Frugal Lifestyle


For some crazy reason, it seems that frugality is often associated with deprivation and being cheap. In my opinion, true frugality is anything but this. Frugality is about having more experiences. It’s about living more on a little less. Every since first discovering the world of personal finance blogging about 4 years ago, I’ve become totally fascinated by the power of frugality. It’s a lifestyle I’ve learned to embrace. Here are ten reasons I love living a frugal lifestyle:

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Make Extra Money Challenge Update II

make extra money challengeEarlier this month I decided to take the extra income challenge. My goal was to make $50 in extra income for November. You can read about the challenge here and you can check out my first extra income update here. I figured it’s time to check in and let you know how much money I’ve made so far this month.  Making extra money isn’t always an easy thing to do. Learning how to side hustle takes time and often takes a lot of energy. Even though making extra money can take a lot of work, I’m hoping the extra money will help us pay off our student loan debt next year. Here’s how I’ve been making extra money this month: [Read more…]

Frugal Hack: How To Keep Your House Clean

keepingyourhousecleanI’ll just start off by being completely honest with everyone: My husband and I are NOT naturally organized and tidy people. Despite this fact, we both agree that it is so much more relaxing to live in a clean and organized house. Living in a clean and organized house makes us happier and more productive. Maybe other people can ignore the clutter and mess, but it makes it really hard for us to relax at night.

The Options

If we want to live in a clean house, we have two very basic options:

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Extra Money Challenge Update

ID-100267963Hey Everyone! Just wanted to check-in and let you know how I’ve been doing on the Extra Money Challenge. I’ve committed myself to earning extra money this month. My goal for November is to make $50 in extra income. Yeah, I know it isn’t very much but I wanted to start with something manageable. Maybe next month I will double it to $100. We’ll see how this month goes first. This challenge isn’t so much about how much extra money you make, rather it’s about discovering how you can make extra money. There are all sorts of ways to earn extra money, you just have to find something that works for you.

How Much Money I’ve earned so Far

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The Extra Money Challenge

ID-10059452I’ve decided to challenge myself to earn some extra money this month. Now it’s one thing to say I need to/want to make some extra money, and it’s an entirely different thing to actually make extra money. Making extra money requires time and effort. After working 40+ hours a week at the day job, it can be really challenging to find the energy to make more money. If you want to make extra money, you have to commit to doing it.  So when I saw Lance issuing the extra income challenge, I knew this was my chance to commit and make it happen. I joined the extra income challenge.  [Read more…]