Four Prime Markets to Consider Investing In

Investing is beloved of many, offering a fantastic opportunity to supplement your income and boost your bank balance and suits most of those searching for a financially rewarding pastime.

Why Gold is a Great Item for Bartering

The recent fall in precious metal prices wasn’t a huge, but was enough for people watching the market to buy up enough to stock up on their gold & silver.

The Rise And Rise Of The Olderpreneur

“Olderpreneurs” are cashing in pension pots to start or fund businesses, but they need to be careful. If you believe that getting older is all about whiling away the days in a comfy chair or on the deck of a cruise ship, think again. “Olderpreneurs” are giving younger entrepreneurs a run for their money.

British Public Show Confidence about Finance & Debt

A recent survey has shown that the people of Britain are now feeling good about their finances, partly as a result of better debt situation.

A Closer Look At London Property

London property prices have been on a tear in the past few years, with annual increases in London exceeding those in the rest of the UK. Based on data from the Nationwide HPI, we can see that London house price growth has been higher than the rest of the UK for the past 7 years: […]

How To Reduce Depreciation On Your Car

When you buy a car, it’ll lose some value as soon as you buy it. Its true (especially for new cars), but there are ways to slow down this depreciation.

How Risk Averse Should You Be When It Comes To Investments?

Being risk averse is a sensible and frugal approach to investing, but this sensible option could eventually cost the investor a sizeable amount of money and may leave the individual despondent and with less opportunity to create a healthy pension or retirement fund. There is a time to be risk averse, and this is usually […]

How To Select The Right Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is always a stressful time, whether planning the logistics of packing, finding a removal firm or negotiating mortgage deals. Finding the right estate agents for your needs can help to make this tense time a little more relaxing. However, knowing the right agent from the wrong can in itself be a stressful […]

Battersea’s Best Properties and The Importance of Interior Decor

When it comes to selling property, there are two essential aspects: location and decor. While you may be powerless to change the location of your home, you can enhance and update the internal and external appearance. Whether a character property with restored period features, or a unique self build filled with modern fittings and technology, […]

Effective Financial Spread Betting

Spread betting offers a potentially more affordable alternative to trading in stocks and shares, while the modern trading account also means that you can implement stops and limits, effectively automating a lot of the process for you. While you will need to ensure that you have the money available to cover initial deposits, you can […]

Holiday Season 101: How to Keep Your Home Safe on a Budget

There are a lot of things to love about summer: barbecues, glasses of wine in the sunshine, balmy orange-streaked sunsets, warmer weather, holidays abroad…   But one thing that isn’t as appealing is the increase in crime rates. As our days heat up, we throw our windows and doors wide, and jet off to tropical […]

Be Prepared – Managing Finances More Effectively

No matter whether you have set up a budget, keep track of all the money you spend, and even if you do pay all of your regular bills on time, if you are ill-prepared for financial emergencies then you will still struggle to stay afloat. Not only does this mean having money in reserve, but […]

2 out of 3 Retirees won’t get the Full State Pension

New government figures imply that the full value of the new flat rate state pension – that should have been available to all – will not be received by around 2 in 3 retirees. Introduced in April next year, the new flat rate pension offered by the state should have stood at £151.25 per week. […]

Are CFDs a Good Place to Start Trading?

Financial trading isn’t necessarily the easiest of things to get involved in. There’s so much to think about, from the things you want to invest in, the money you want to commit, and the broker you decide to use. One such decision to make is the question of which products you decide to use to […]

Emergency Budget 2015 – How your finances will be affected

“This is a big Budget for a country with big ambitions” In the opening minutes of the first fully-Conservative budget for almost 20 years, Chancellor George Osborne set out his party’s plans to cut £12billion from the UK’s welfare bill in an attempt to cut the country’s deficit. The new Budget proposals undoubtedly aim to […]