A Case of The I Wants and how to Shake It Off

Want to know an easy way to save money? Don’t buy a lot of stuff. Seems logical, right? My husband and I have never been big shoppers so normally this isn’t hard for us. I would say we’re borderline minimalists. We try to limit the amount of “stuff” in our lives. It keeps our lives simple, it keeps our home clutter-free, and our wallets happy. But if we are really honest here, even though we live on strict budget and watch our spending very carefully, sometimes I cave. I can’t help but sometimes wanting to splurge and go shopping. 

A Case of the “I Wants”

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My Frugal Fall Bucket List

This summer my husband and I didn’t have any big summer vacation plans. Instead we decided to make a list of all the things we wanted to do before summer was over. After all, summer flies by doesn’t it? On a general note, most of the activities were frugal. We thought that writing a list would help us make time for fun activities. It actually ended up working really well for us. We made time to do a lot of fun activities that were fairly inexpensive. A few activities that we checked off our list included: get rush tickets and see a play, attend a fireworks show, go to a baseball game (my husband can get free tickets through work), and a few restaurants we wanted to try. We had a ton of fun.

Now that it’s fall, we decided that we want to make another bucket list to enjoy the season. If you are looking for any ideas of fun fall activities, make sure you check out this awesome list of ideas from Laurie over at Frugal Rules. Today, I thought I’d share my frugal fall bucket list with you. Maybe it will inspire you to think about how you want to enjoy the season. Just a warning, many of the items on our fall bucket list involve baking – maybe this should have been a baking bucket list?  Pumpkin, apples, and lots of spice. I can’t wait! Anyways, here’s out fall bucket list:

1) Take a nice husband and wife picture outside surrounded by autumn colors. I’ve noticed we don’t take a lot of photos – especially nice ones together. Anyone else struggle with this?

 2) Day trip hiking to enjoy the beautiful fall colors

3) Visit an apple orchard

4) Take a road trip to the Black Hills

 5) Apple Pie and Apple sauce..Apple butter?

6) Butternut Squash Soup

7) Invite my family over for a bonfire complete with smores

8) Make pumpkin bread

9) Attend the farmers market (I love going to the farmers market, but for some reason we hardly ever go!)

10) Apple Cider

What fall activities are you hoping to enjoy this fall? 

July And August {In Review}

fallSo I think it’s finally time that I get around to doing my monthly reviews. You guys, these last two months have been busy. A little too busy for my preference. I love nice slow days. I love hanging out at home. Today (Sunday), I feel like I’m finally getting one of those slow hang-out-at-home days. The house is fairly clean: Laundry has been folded and put away, the dishes are done, dinner is cooking in the crock-pot (see the recipe here) AND I broke out the pumpkin spice scented potpourri. Life is feeling pretty blissful at this moment. So… About July and August:

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Easy Way to Find Term Life Insurance Policy

QuotacyAt 25, I would say I’ve done a good job learning about personal finances. Managing finances isn’t easy.  There are so many moving parts to this puzzle including: debt, savings, income, student loans, investing, retirement, taxes, budgeting, and charitable giving among other things. There is one aspect of personal finance that I’ve all but completely ignored: Life insurance.

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Tracking Your Blog Income and Expenses

bfbI never actually expected to make a dime from blogging. I figured that only professional writers or and people who could spend a lot of money designing a professional blog could make money. I started my blog for fun. I wanted a place to record my journey to debt freedom. However, after just a few months of blogging, my blog started to make money. I was completely thrilled when I made my first deal (sponsored content). At times, running a blog can be a challenge when trying to balance work, family and your social life. Once my blog started to make money, I decided I needed to start treating the blog like a real business. I needed to start tracking my blog income and expenses.

Why You Should Track Your Blog Income and Expenses

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