Tracking Your Blog Income and Expenses

bfbI never actually expected to make a dime from blogging. I figured that only professional writers or and people who could spend a lot of money designing a professional blog could make money. I started my blog for fun. I wanted a place to record my journey to debt freedom. However, after just a few months of blogging, my blog started to make money. I was completely thrilled when I made my first deal (sponsored content). At times, running a blog can be a challenge when trying to balance work, family and your social life. Once my blog started to make money, I decided I needed to start treating the blog like a real business. I needed to start tracking my blog income and expenses.

Why You Should Track Your Blog Income and Expenses

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How to Pack for a Work Trip

traveling for work

I’m heading out this afternoon to Atlanta for a week of job-related training. Job related training as in a Tax training (I’m a tax accountant by day). It’ll be a week of hotel living and eating out. I don’t travel very much for work so I try to enjoy it. Truthfully, most of my week will be spent in a conference room listening to presentations. I doubt we’ll have much time to be out exploring the city.  I’m not complaining though. I’ll take full advantage of the fact that my employer is willing to fly me across the country and pay for my hotel so I can learn. Might as well enjoy it. My flight leaves in about 4 hours and I still need to pack. Here are my tips for work travel:

Know the Agenda

Make sure you know what to expect before you go on your trip. Are there any excursions planned? Will there be a formal dinner at some point? It is important to know these things before so that you pack the proper clothing. You don’t want to be stuck outside in 100 degree heat with only formal suit or only pack light clothing for a cold climate. Having the right clothing will help you be comfortable during your trip.

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Four Frugal Summer Date Ideas

Frugal Summer WeekendI live in the upper Midwest. Summer lasts approximately 2.5 minutes and before you know it, you are digging out your snow blower and buying bags of salt to melt the ice on your driveway. I feel like there is this intense pressure to soak up every single second of summer. This of course, causes me to stress out about all the things that I should be doing instead of just relaxing and enjoying the warm summer air. Does anyone else get stressed out about enjoying summer?

To make matters complicated, my husband and I have been very busy at work this summer. It seems that the theme is not enough employees and too much work. Not fun. We didn’t go into summer with any big trips or plans but with the hope that we would find fun and frugal things to do locally.  We are willing to spend some money but nothing extravagant. Here are a few fun and {mostly} inexpensive activities on our summer fun list: [Read more...]

Our Student Loan Story

our student loan story

I’ve been blogging here at Budgeting for More for just over a year now. How time flies! I’ve written a lot about how to save money and stay motivated to reach your goals. I’ve talked about how to start a budget and even how to make extra money. Personal finance is a subject I find endlessly interesting.

One topic I haven’t discussed much has been our debt. I know some bloggers out there make their debt public and will do weekly or monthly updates on how much they’ve paid off.  I enjoy reading those posts. I feel like I’m part of your journey and it motivates me to keep on going (and yes, occasionally feel jealous). I’ve always wanted do a debt reveal, but for various reasons it just didn’t feel right for us.

What I want to tell you about our debt

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bandwidth povertyBandwidth. That’s a word that has been on my mind a lot recently. Bandwidth is defined as the energy or mental capacity required to deal with a situation.   About two weeks ago I was driving home from work when this story aired on NPR about bandwidth poverty. It’s a fascinating story about how difficult it can be to break out of poverty and why. Shortly after Grayson wrote a great piece at Frugal Rules on bandwidth poverty as well . Make sure you check it out. Bandwidth poverty is the idea was that people living in poverty have to put in a lot of energy to simply get by. They spend the bulk of their time figuring out how to pay this month’s bills and put food on the table today. It’s so stressful and energy consuming, that there’s little energy or time to think about tomorrow let alone long-term plans and getting out of poverty. It’s a viscous, hard-to-break cycle.


According to Princeton psychologist, Eldar Shafir, when humans don’t have enough of something, we tend to focus on it. So true, isn’t it? Scarcity could be anything: health, money, safety, food, housing, etc. Maybe the scarcity is created by a number of different facets. Scarcity can cause stress. How stressed out have you been when you’re trying to figure out how to pay for your education. Perhaps your’re trying to make a payment on your credit card. These situations can be very challenging and exhausting to work through.

My Bandwidth Situation

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