Business 101: How To Save Money on Your Couriering Costs

The ever increasing role of the internet within the retail sector has transformed the way that companies do business. No longer is it enough to sell to a local client base alone: in order to remain competitive, you have to make your items available to all.

By its very nature, this necessitates distance selling, and this only works if you’re willing and able to send your products out via a courier. Of course, this entails some quite significant costs, especially for those who sell a high volume of goods online.

So how, exactly, can you keep your outlay to a minimum? Here are three top tips to help you…

1: Shop Around

The rise of online retail has caused the shipping sector to expand rapidly over the past decade, and there are now more couriers to choose from than ever before. This means that they have to stay competitive, and that there are plenty of good deals to take advantage of for those who are willing to shop around. Price comparison sites are a great place to find these, although we recommend phoning around and speaking to the representatives of various companies such as Inxpress in person to get the very best offer you can.

2: Be Prepared to Negotiate

Once you’ve shopped around and compiled a suitable shortlist, we suggest settling upon one company that you prefer over all of the others, and calling them back with the quotes you’ve received from their competitors. Ask them if they would be willing to lower their own prices in line with these, and don’t be afraid to dangle the prospect of repeat business in front of them as an incentive. Even if this means entering into a contract, securing the same great prices for future deliveries shouldn’t be any hardship.

3: Weigh Your Goods Before You Send Them

Our last tip is a really simple one, but we recommend it for every business that has delivery as an option: invest in a good pair of scales. Most of us simply estimate the weight of our parcels, and then add a little more on top to be on the safe side, which means that the majority of entrepreneurs are actually paying over the odds for their couriering service. Know what you’re sending, make sure that you’re paying as little as you can, and over time you could make a relatively significant saving.

Save money on your delivery service today: simply follow our three top tips to see how much less you could be spending.

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