How to Ship Goods to Asia Without Breaking the Bank

Asia offers some of the largest and most economically stable markets in the world, which makes it a prime target for enterprising business owners who are looking to expand their venture.

Achieving this has never been easier. With the ever increasing role of the internet within the retail sector, global commerce is no longer the reserve of big businesses, but rather a free-for-all offering some fantastic opportunities for SMEs on the rise.

Yet shipping overseas is a costly endeavour, and the price alone can be prohibitive for little companies with limited funds. So how can you do it without breaking the bank?

1: Shop Around for International Couriers

It’s always going to cost more to ship overseas than to send parcels domestically, but just as you would when sending items locally, it’s important to shop around to keep your costs to a minimum. Aim to contact as many couriers like My Parcel delivery as you can, preferably over the phone when you can talk to a representative of the company in person. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with them, nor to let them know if you’ve had a lower offer that you would like them to beat. If you really want them to be putty in your hands, don’t be shy about dangling the prospect of repeat business before them.

Also, pay attention to the condition of the products you want to ship. My experience with master bedroom curtains was not the best: I forgot this would be a very long trip and I didn’t wrap them up appropriately!

2: Compare Insurance Quotes

When you’re shipping goods as far abroad as Asia, especially those with a high value, it makes sense to insure them, but don’t fall into the trap of automatically adding this on as an extra with your courier. Instead, take a look at what specialist insurance outfits are offering, to see if anyone will be able to provide cover at a lower price. The less you pay for this, the less outlay there will be to eat into your profit margins.

3: Have the Purchaser Cover Some or All of the Cost

Although some companies are loathe to charge their customers shipping fees for fear of it making them less competitive, it’s perfectly acceptable to do so. Yes, it may make you ever so slightly less attractive to buy from, but at the same time, if your product is good enough and you’ve negotiated a fair enough fee with your courier, almost everyone who wishes to transact with you will be undeterred by a little extra money added on top. If you’re really averse to the idea, consider charging a fraction of the total to your customer, and covering the rest of the cost yourself – this way, you’ll still save money but can continue to charge less than your competitors.

Follow our three top tips today to make shipping to Asia a whole lot less expensive.


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