Ten Ways to Get Noticed at Work

ten ways to get noticed at workA few weeks ago I had my first performance review at my current employer (mentioned here). I wasn’t expecting a whole lot since I’ve only been working at this company for about 8 months. To my delight, I actually received a job promotion and a nice raise! My manager explained what I was doing well and what she noticed as a manger. Some of her comments actually surprised me. She pointed out things I was doing but  didn’t necessarily notice as well as things I knew were important and made a point to do well. Corporate America is very competitive and climbing the corporate ladder is a huge challenge. I personally try to do as much as reasonable possible to get ahead. I don’t work 14-hour days but there are many other ways to get noticed for your work.  Here are ten ways to get noticed at work:

1. Be on time, every time. Be the person who is always on time. Don’t be late in the morning and don’t be late to meetings. It’s noticeable when someone is chronically late. Don’t get that reputation.

2. Always be ready to take notes. You never know when you will need to take notes. Try to always be prepared to take notes.

3. Think about the next step. Don’t just complete your assigned task. Try to think about what needs to get done next and offer to help out. Taking initiative will show your employer that you are ready for more responsibility.

4. Ask questions, but don’t repeat them. If you have a question, ask it. Don’t be afraid to ask.  Take notes so you don’t forget the answer. There is nothing more irritating than someone who asks the same question over and over.

5. Get Involved.  Here’s an easy and fun way to get noticed at workJoin your co-workers for happy hour. Show up for the annual picnic. Just make a little effort to be involved. Not only does it look good, but being involved can be fun if you make it fun.

6. Volunteer. Is there a new project that needs to get done? Offer to take the lead. It doesn’t have to be a huge project but taking initiative and managing a process well will really make you shine.

7. Be organized. Have you ever gone into someone’s office and have a hard time concentrating on a discussion because that person’s office is just full of crap? I have. Do everyone a favor and keep your space clean and stress-free.

8. Adapt to technology. Be on top of software updates, new programs and opportunities to utilize technology. Some people in your office will struggle with using technology. Be willing to help and show others how to use new technology.

9. Specialize. For whatever reason, I’ve been dubbed the Adobe PDF expert in my department. Many people in my group don’t know how to use the program and I happened to use this program a lot at my last job. I get PDF questions several times a month from various people. I love helping and my coworkers appreciate the help. It doesn’t matter what your expertise is, but try to find one.

10. Bring Donuts. Ok I am half joking on this one. But seriously. You should see my coworkers stampede to the break room when someone brings in treats : ) It definitely makes work more enjoyable when people have fun and bring in treats.

As you can see, most of my tips for getting noticed at work are about the little things. You don’t need to solve a world problem to get noticed at work. I think managers appreciate a hard worker. They love it when their employees know how to work smart (by doing things like taking notes and asking questions). It’s all about showing consistency and dedication. These are the things that get your manager’s attention and help them justify giving you a raise and/or promotion.

What are your tips for getting noticed at work? Are you a manager? What stands out to you when you work with your employees? 

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  1. My old job was strange because there were only six full-time employees. We had no choice but to notice one another. On the other hand, I think I stood out when I did really great work and had a positive attitude. That always helps.
    Holly@ClubThrifty recently posted…How to Fail at GardeningMy Profile

    • There are definitely some really good parts of being in a small team or business. I think that it would be nice to not have to compete with so many other employees for attention and recognition of your good work.

  2. ha It seems like in every company when someone brings donuts there is a stampede to the breakroom. I don’t work for a company, so it’s hard for me to say anymore. I do think it’s true you should probably be a bit of a “joiner” if you want to get noticed a little more. You don’t have to blow your budget going out for lunch every day and doing every happy hour, but it’s nice when people make an effort to make the work place more friend-like.
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…Carefree Summer DaysMy Profile

    • Yeah it definitely makes a world of difference when people act cheerful and enjoy your company. I don’t think many of us would be working our current jobs if we didn’t have to- we should at least try to make it as pleasant as possible.

  3. You make an excellent point that it’s the little things that often mean the most. You don’t have to go overboard or be a complete brown-noser to win yourself some serious points! Sometimes just being ultra-reliable and a great part of the team is often enough to get noticed by the higher-ups.
    Dee @ Color Me Frugal recently posted…Set the Stage for Future Spending: Choose THIS WiselyMy Profile

    • Nobody likes a brown-noser. Being reliable makes you a very strong team player. It definitely requires a lot of work to be reliable, but the career rewards will be worth it.

  4. Awesome! Congrats Liz! Those are all good tips. I especially like the specialize one. You’re in demand!
    deb @ debtdebs recently posted…Father’s Frugal FinancesMy Profile

    • I think specializing is a good idea. You don’t have to specialize in anything super complicated either. It can be simple as pivot tables in excel or just knowing how to get the printer to print labels. For some reason printing labels is a huge issue in our office. Ha!

  5. I am a manager, and it’s interesting to think about how to get noticed. I always notice the ones that come up with ideas. Sure, you have those employees that are part of the crowd, ubber-productive and more. However, the ones that stand out most to me are the employees that are constantly innovating new ways to reach our common core goal…to thrive as a company. Finding something wrong and fixing it is the best way to get noticed in my eyes.
    Josh @ CNAFinance.com recently posted…How To Prevent Yourself From Becoming One Of 11 Million Victims Of Identity TheftMy Profile

    • Very interesting point Josh. I can see why that is so useful too. I think when employees make the effort to come up with new ideas and think outside the box should definitely be valued.

  6. Getting involved is important. I know it’s hard for introverts but it’s just part of the job to get noticed.
    Raquel recently posted…Staying Focused While Spending LessMy Profile

    • I think you are right Raquel. It’s really important to get involved. Not only do you meet people, and build leadership skills, but you can also really advance your career.

  7. These are great tips! I especially love the idea of bringing donuts. I would bring coffee for some of my team members and they always loved it.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…The Daily InterviewMy Profile

    • It’s funny but those little things do add up. It’s not always about who works the hardest or does the most work. While we have coffee at our office, I’m sure bringing Starbucks or something would be a huge hit- our office supplied stuff isn’t very good!

  8. Donuts, yes! And bagels! My workplace is very big on employees being proactive about where they want to go in their career and charting their own path to their goals.
    Kara recently posted…Practicing My Blog-Life BalanceMy Profile

    • That is great to hear that your employer actually encourages people to actively pursue their career goals. I don’t know if my office is as good at that, so definitely take advantage of that environment! Sounds like a nice place to work.

  9. Oh yes, whenever I baked treats for the office everyone would always thank me. It helps that it generally boosts morale and mood, and then they associated that with me =). My bosses also told me they appreciated that I always arrived early. Most people would stroll in 5 minutes before 9, or even after that, and they were getting tired of it. Initiative is another big one. I have to agree that the little things really do matter as they add up!
    E.M. recently posted…Given the Chance, What’s One Thing You Would Buy?My Profile

    • E.M that is exactly what I mean about the treats. I think you right- not only do people enjoy them but it really does lift the mood. Sounds like you’ve figured out that trick pretty well. I really need to bring in something one of these days again.

  10. I would say that adapting to technology and being willing to take on new work and projects is a big one. I also think keeping track of your accomplishments throughout the year is important for the annual review.

    • I agree DC. Since I just had my review, I am making a point to be much more diligent about tracking my goals and accomplishments throughout this next year. Writing up your performance eval is so hard when you don’t have much for notes.

  11. I think being on time and adapting to new technology are key! I am very punctual and some people in my org are not, which can be frustrating. I also think having manners, and going above and beyond really get you noticed. Congrats on your promotion and raise! That is awesome!
    Melanie @ My Alternate Life recently posted…June Money Suck: Vet BillsMy Profile

    • Thanks Melanie! I think manners are really important too. I know that some of my coworkers have never heard of such a thing. They can be really difficult to work with.

  12. Health issues made me stop working the regular route and I am now more of a freelancer working from home. Nevertheless, I loved your post and because I have a daughter working for a big company and bent on making it big time, I am definitely sharing this to her.

    • Thanks Jen! I think as long as your daughter has the motivation and is committed to her dream, she will make it : )

  13. I think asking questions in meetings is one of the best ways, but try not to overdo it. Some people at my job are known for always asking questions, but everybody is caching on that they ask questions just for the sake of saying something. But I guess is better to say something than to say nothing at all.

    I like everybody that brings doughnuts!
    AldoRancier recently posted…Spent: Looking For Change (Documentary)My Profile

  14. I love this! I feel like I’ve been struggling more at my current job than any other I’ve ever had. I was pleased to realize that i’m still doing a lot of things on your list, so hopefully it’s not going quite as bad as I sometimes worry it is. Our evaluations are coming up soon and I’ve been here about 7 months. They actually make me very, very anxious.

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