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28527_395605822471_6978952_nI had a little light bulb go off in my head Friday morning. I really enjoy my work as an accountant/CPA.  I’m one of those crazy people that actually enjoy preparing taxes. I love organizing, reconciling and calculating. I also love blogging and reading other blogs. As the April 15th deadline approaches, I’ve seen many people write about/comment on how stressful it is to get ready for tax time and confusion over prepping estimated payments. I’ve also seen many bloggers vow to keep keep better, more detailed records for the next year. Theses issues are extremely important for any business owner.

I think a lot of successful bloggers are extremely busy managing their blogs. After running my own blog for the last several months on top of full-time job, I understand just how much blood sweat and tears goes into this work. Not to mention I’ve also noticed many of you run multiple blogs! As personal finance bloggers, many of you are probably financially savvy. I’m guessing many of you probably manage all your record keeping on your own with no issues at all. That is great, but just a thought: What if you could outsource some of the bookkeeping, recording keeping, bill payments and tax filings? How much time and stress would you save if you had a reliable person to take care of these aspects of your business for you? 

I’m considering starting a business that would do this type of work and specifically cater to bloggers and other online businesses. It combines my skills as an accountant with my love of blogging and the online community. The idea is still in its infancy. However, I was wondering if you could give me some feedback? Would anyone be interested in these services? Do you already use a similar service? Please let me know your ideas. Like I mentioned already, its just an idea at this point. However if it looks like there is some opportunity I might run with it.  I would really appreciate any feedback.

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  1. My blog isn’t big enough to need my own accountant yet. Maybe someday 🙂 I think it’s a good idea though! After you get some feedback and do a little research, I bet you could find some bloggers who would really appreciate your service. Best of luck Liz!
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  2. I think you have a point there. Work-related stress can be powerfully harmful. I know, I’ve been there and I don’t to go through the same experience again because my health suffered.

  3. I think there is definitely a market for this. I think you’d have to make sure it saves bloggers significant time, though. I’m not sure what it would have to look like, but perhaps if you had templates for bloggers to fill out and submit to you that could save them some time? I know bloggers do most of their business through Paypal so maybe monthly reconciliations of their Paypal account would be of value?
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  4. If I could make enough money, I would be interested in hiring an online accountant to help me with my quarterly taxes via my freelance work (including my blogging).
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  5. I think it’s a great idea as in my current role as a freelancer, I HATE organizing my stuff at the end of the year, but I get so busy I have a hard time working on that stuff during the year!
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  6. That’s a great idea Liz. Honestly, I think a lot of the big bloggers that have significant income and resources dedicated to their site could probably benefit from that. Unfortunately, I’m not quite at that level yet. BUT, if I ever am, I’ll be sure to check and see if you’re running that business.
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  7. Sounds like it could be a great idea for you! If you can combine what you enjoy and what you’re skilled at, that’s the ideal, isn’t it? I’m sure you could make a go of it if you approach bigger bloggers who may not have any help with bookkeeping and accounting. Good luck!
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