How to Ship Goods to Asia Without Breaking the Bank

Asia offers some of the largest and most economically stable markets in the world, which makes it a prime target for enterprising business owners who are looking to expand their venture. Achieving this has never been easier. With the ever increasing role of the internet within the retail sector, global commerce is no longer the […]

Major Skills Which Can Improve Accounting Productivity

A business that relies on accountants to manage its finances and provide important information on the financial health of the company need the best accountants it can find to handle the process. If you are thinking of becoming an accountant, you need to develop the right set of skills to be the best accountant you […]

Business 101: How To Save Money on Your Couriering Costs

The ever increasing role of the internet within the retail sector has transformed the way that companies do business. No longer is it enough to sell to a local client base alone: in order to remain competitive, you have to make your items available to all. By its very nature, this necessitates distance selling, and […]

The Best Financial Options For Important Purchases

There are all sorts of financial options available for when you need to make an important purchase, whether it is something really expensive or a lesser but still vital cost you have to cover quickly.

Be Prepared – Managing Finances More Effectively

No matter whether you have set up a budget, keep track of all the money you spend, and even if you do pay all of your regular bills on time, if you are ill-prepared for financial emergencies then you will still struggle to stay afloat. Not only does this mean having money in reserve, but […]

Emergency Budget 2015 – How your finances will be affected

“This is a big Budget for a country with big ambitions” In the opening minutes of the first fully-Conservative budget for almost 20 years, Chancellor George Osborne set out his party’s plans to cut £12billion from the UK’s welfare bill in an attempt to cut the country’s deficit. The new Budget proposals undoubtedly aim to […]

Five Things You Don’t Have to Give Up to Pay Off Debt

Paying off debt is a major undertaking. It’s a huge commitment and requires planning and making sacrifices. Trust me, I understand. We’ve been in the trenches paying off student loan debt since 2009. We’ve had some really bad days. Sometimes it feels like we will never finish paying off our student loans. Sometimes I wonder […]

How To Make Budgeting Fun For Creatives

  I bet you never thought that you would use the words “fun” and “budgeting” in the same sentence. To be honest, I never did either and it’s probably a bit of a stretch. But hear me out – I think that I know how to make budgeting fun… Well, at least I know some […]

A Case of The I Wants and how to Shake It Off

Want to know an easy way to save money? Don’t buy a lot of stuff. Seems logical, right? My husband and I have never been big shoppers so normally this isn’t hard for us. I would say we’re borderline minimalists. We try to limit the amount of “stuff” in our lives. It keeps our lives […]

Advice for Young, First-Time Home Buyers

My husband I were 23 when we purchased our first (and current) house. We were very young and very excited home buyers. Despite having student loan debt, we were determined to follow our dreams and become home owners. When the time came to get serious about buying a home, I was a little overwhelmed. There are […]

Experience Budget Freedom and iPad Mini Giveaway

Mention the word budget to some people and it’s like you uttered a nasty word. I feel the exact opposite. Budgets represent freedom versus restriction to me. And just like Liz does, I believe when you budget properly, you can budget for more, rather than less.

How to Save Money on a Dog

The following is a guest post by Glen, owner of How to Save Money. If you are interested in guest-posting, please contact me. I’m crazy about my four-legged friend (his name is Ricky) and about dogs in general. I’m the type of person to try and never pass by a dog without petting it (which […]

5 Tips for Buying a House at a Young Age – It isn’t Easy but It Can be Done

My husband and I were 23 when we bought our first (and current) house. Our real estate agent said she normally doesn’t work with first time home buyers this young. We knew what we wanted and were ready to make a commitment when it came to buying a house. It seems like people are waiting longer and […]

Improving Your Finances and Health One Step at a Time

They say you should walk 10,000 steps per day to stay healthy.  Seeing as I work a desk job, I was certain I wasn’t walking anywhere near that much most days. I’m not a gym rat and don’t play sports. Just isn’t my thing.  Nonetheless, I still want to be healthy especially after my last […]

The Junk Food Tax (Yes, I’m paying it!)

I went to my 6-month dentist appointment for my routine cleaning and exam yesterday. I’ve always had fairly good teeth and been pretty good at taking care of them (okay lie-I fail at flossing). I haven’t needed much dental work other than braces, wisdom teeth removal and two cavities. Not so bad. In addition to the […]