Are You a Personal Finance Olympian?

Since the opening ceremonies on Friday, I’ve had a hard time peeling my eyes away from the Olympic games. It’s so inspiring to watch these athletes give it their all during a few minutes of competition. Many of these athletes have spent years training for this. I love watching these athletes in what may be some of […]

Starting a Budget

In the past, I struggled to manage my finances. If you’re anything like me, your month probably feels something like this: I get paid twice a month from my full-time job. Then, several times a month various bills are paid and then there’s a credit card payment or two and student loan payments. At the […]

Building an Emergency Fund on a Tight Budget

I am fairly certain that most of my friends don’t keep any money in an emergency fund.  I’ve heard them complain several times about credit card interest and overdraft fees. They simply run out of money and are forced to incur these fees. It’s unfortunate because unexpected expenses arise all the time. For example, just […]

I splurged on Myself and Regretted It

I think I came down with a case of consumerism fever for Christmas and spent too much money. It’s kinda embarrassing because I actually just spent too much on my own present. There was one thing I really “needed” and “deserved” for Christmas- A purse.  Now that I have a full-time professional job/career, I wanted a […]

My Holiday Spending

Last night I was sitting on the sofa looking at my holiday shopping list. My list was really simple- just a list of who we bought gifts for and how much was spent.  I decided that I also wanted to note what we purchased for each person..And then I also realized that presents weren’t the […]

Weekend Updates

Wow it seems like fall is really flying by. Almost all the leaves have fallen off our trees and we spent a good deal of time outside today raking! Ish. Hubby and I curbed our food spending a lot this past week! We did not eat out once last week except for lunch on friday. […]

Why I Want to be a Stay at Home Mom

I went through many different career phases growing up. Probably the only career that never ever crossed my mind was becoming a stay-at-home mom. However, after starting my first full-time job post-college graduation becoming a SAHM has really been on my mind. Why??  My career is not as fulfilling as I imagined it to be.  […]

2 EASY steps to get ready for filing your 2013 Income Tax Return

Is anyone else having a hard time accepting that 2013 is wrapping up? Now..{as in before the holidays arrive} is a great time to begin working on your taxes. And as a tax accountant…I kinnda sorta well lets face it.. I enjoy prepping 1040’s.  Tax returns give you a nice snapshot of your year and […]

Back to Basics Budgeting

Hubby made spice cookies today mmMMMmm Hubby and I had to make a very very VERY expensive purchase this weekend.. We bought a new car and a nice 5-year car loan to go with that. I am pretty sure that I have broken every single personal finance comandment out there but don’t call me crazy! […]