Major Skills Which Can Improve Accounting Productivity

A business that relies on accountants to manage its finances and provide important information on the financial health of the company need the best accountants it can find to handle the process. If you are thinking of becoming an accountant, you need to develop the right set of skills to be the best accountant you […]

How to Pack for a Work Trip

I’m heading out this afternoon to Atlanta for a week of job-related training. Job related training as in a Tax training (I’m a tax accountant by day). It’ll be a week of hotel living and eating out. I don’t travel very much for work so I try to enjoy it. Truthfully, most of my week will […]

A Tool for Organizing and Taking Notes

I want to share  my favorite tool for organizing my life, work and side hustle. Meet: Microsoft One Note.  Last week on Young Adult Money, Cat wrote about How to Streamline Your Side Hustle.  One of Cat’s tips was to utilize tools. It’s a great tip! If you are looking for a way to get organized, then […]

Ten Ways to Get Noticed at Work

A few weeks ago I had my first performance review at my current employer (mentioned here). I wasn’t expecting a whole lot since I’ve only been working at this company for about 8 months. To my delight, I actually received a job promotion and a nice raise! My manager explained what I was doing well […]

Taking Chances in Life

Hey Everyone- I am finally back after a very busy week at work. Feels so good to find the time and energy to write again. Don’t forget to enter my $100 giveaway that ends Friday! of my all-time favorite movies is Opa. It’s a cheesy and romantic and takes place on a gorgeous Greek island, Patmos. […]

Office Politics: Sexism or Coincidence?

    Okay readers, I could really use your help with this we are talking about sexism. Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with a female coworker of mine that really got me fired up. She felt like our office has a problem with sexism –that our office is a boy’s club. Her evidence? […]

Thinking about a Business Idea

I had a little light bulb go off in my head Friday morning. I really enjoy my work as an accountant/CPA.  I’m one of those crazy people that actually enjoy preparing taxes. I love organizing, reconciling and calculating. I also love blogging and reading other blogs. As the April 15th deadline approaches, I’ve seen many […]

My Career as an Accountant

Are you trying to decide what career to pursue? Have you ever considered becoming an accountant? I my nearly two years of experience, I’ve found my career both challenging and rewarding. I think it’s a career that anyone interested in business should seriously consider.

Building a Work Wardrobe

Investing in a work wardrobe isn’t cheap. I spent about $400 on my first set of work clothes nearly two years ago. Some of the items I bought were great and I still use them today. Other items ended up not being great purchases as they either just didn’t really work for the office or they were low quality and […]

How to Make Your Job More Enjoyable

As I’ve mentioned before, I work full time as a tax accountant. While I hope to be self-employed one day,  I rely on my full-time job for most of my income at this point. I spend a lot of time at work, driving to work and getting ready for work. I try to enjoy my full-time job […]

Should I Get a Master’s Degree?

If you’re looking to accelerate your career or start a new career altogether, you’ve probably considered getting a master’s degree.  I’ve been out of school for two years and I find myself asking this question a lot lately. Going back to school is a huge decision that should be carefully considered and planned out. Here are […]

Do You Participate in an Employee Stock Purchase Plan?

About 6 weeks ago I switched jobs. I was previously working at a Big 4 accounting firm and was fed up of sacrificing my nights and weekends all to work, work, work. I now work in a tax department at a large corporation and am much happier. One benefit my new employer offers is an […]

Write Effective Goals for the New Year

Welcome to day 1 of the Goal-Setting workshop. I want to make 2014 my best year yet by setting goals to achieve my dreams. This workshop provides advice and tips for goal writing as well as motivation to stick to them!  By the end of December, I am normally ready for the end of the holiday […]

I Got a New Job

This fall I was what we call a “Busy season” in public accounting world (Yep I worked in public accounting..Big 4 no less) … it means several weeks of working literally non-stop. Nights, weekends… never-ending work. Its grueling.  Exhausting.  Makes you feel like a disgusting pile of mush. No time or energy for anything except […]