Make Extra Money Challenge Update II

Earlier this month I decided to take the extra income challenge. My goal was to make $50 in extra income for November. You can read about the challenge here and you can check out my first extra income update here. I figured it’s time to check in and let you know how much money I’ve […]

Extra Money Challenge Update

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to check-in and let you know how I’ve been doing on the Extra Money Challenge. I’ve committed myself to earning extra money this month. My goal for November is to make $50 in extra income. Yeah, I know it isn’t very much but I wanted to start with something manageable. Maybe next […]

The Extra Money Challenge

I’ve decided to challenge myself to earn some extra money this month. Now it’s one thing to say I need to/want to make some extra money, and it’s an entirely different thing to actually make extra money. Making extra money requires time and effort. After working 40+ hours a week at the day job, it can […]

My First Stock Pick

One thing I don’t really talk about much on this blog is investing. That’s because I keep it really simple and kinda boring. In my 3.5 years of investing, I’ve only invested in mutual funds and ETF’s (I now also invest in my employer’s employee stock purchase plan). For the most part, I chose funds because […]

Starting a Business – I’m taking the plunge

Hey everyone! As the title suggests I will be starting a business. I’ve literally been thinking about starting something for the last year. I figure it’s now or never and I want to put my skills as a CPA to good use. This spring I will be preparing tax returns. It probably sounds crazy to […]

Tracking Your Blog Income and Expenses

I never actually expected to make a dime from blogging. I figured that only professional writers or and people who could spend a lot of money designing a professional blog could make money. I started my blog for fun. I wanted a place to record my journey to debt freedom. However, after just a few […]

What Should I do With my Year-End Bonus?

This question is as old as time. I figured I’d ask it anyways since I don’t know the clear answer. My current employer gives employees bonuses based on several different factors. My bonus will be on the small side as it is only for about 6 months of work (like seriously after taxes and everything, […]

How I Make Extra Money

As a personal finance blogger I am always interested in hearing about how people make extra money. I am very motivated right now to make anything extra because we are trying to kick our student loans to the curb. Every dollar counts. I’ve really enjoyed blogging and reading blogs because I love to see how […]

{Still} Thinking about a Business Idea

Starting up a side business is still definitely on my mind. As I mentioned last week I am considering offering accounting and tax services. I’ve spent a lot of time researching and working on a business plan. I think it would be challenging and rewarding to run my own business. I’ve always had the entrepreneurial […]

The Truth about Starting a Side Hustle

Want to earn extra money? Need to earn extra money? Then you’ve probably considered starting a side hustle. Side hustle work can be anything from picking up a weekend job, bartending, starting a business or even freelance writing.  Having a side hustle is a great way to pursue a passion and {hopefully} earn extra money. […]

Five Things Lying Around The House Worth Money

Often, garage sales can be a lot of effort if you only have a few things lying around the house worth money. And how likely is it that someone in your neighbourhood needs it?! Instead, you may decide to use eBay or Craigslist to sell your extra stuff.

Do You Participate in an Employee Stock Purchase Plan?

About 6 weeks ago I switched jobs. I was previously working at a Big 4 accounting firm and was fed up of sacrificing my nights and weekends all to work, work, work. I now work in a tax department at a large corporation and am much happier. One benefit my new employer offers is an […]

Saving Money on Presents

                                                                                                        Are you still […]

Life Updates

Life November is flying by faster than I realized. I don’t know if I have been THAT busy, but I have been feeling really tired lately. Now that it gets dark so early, 7 PM really feels like 11 PM. I am not one to stay up late either so I think I am adjusting […]

Weekend Update and Goals

Hope everyone had a good weekend-we did.  We went out to eat saturday night which was awesome. Other than that we spent money on groceries and some household items (always amazes me how much everything adds up). I managed to get a lot done-which always makes me feel great and ready for a new week.. […]