Three Insurance Polices You Might Not Have Considered

There are several insurance policies that businesses should be aware of. Things like contents insurance, public liability cover, and employee negligence are all essential practices that a good business needs to consider.   But your options don’t end there. In fact, there are an almost limitless supply of policies specific to your industry or even […]

Are Generation Y saving enough for their retirement?

Generation Y want to retire with a £95,000 pension – but are they saving enough?

We all dream of a luxury retirement – lavish holidays, expensive hobbies, and disposable income to spend on the grandchildren. And with the much lauded pension freedoms enabling the over-55’s to draw 25% of their fund as tax-free cash, this could be a reality for many – if they get the right kind of financial advice, and have enough cash in their pension pot.

Last Minute Gift Idea for Women

  A few days ago I wrote about a gift idea for grandparents. Today I would like to share a great gift idea for women. Are you still looking for the perfect gift for a lady in your life? Sometimes shopping for presents for women can be challenging. They aren’t always the greatest at giving […]

My First Stock Pick

One thing I don’t really talk about much on this blog is investing. That’s because I keep it really simple and kinda boring. In my 3.5 years of investing, I’ve only invested in mutual funds and ETF’s (I now also invest in my employer’s employee stock purchase plan). For the most part, I chose funds because […]

6 Surefire Ways to Hurt Your Credit Score

Everyone knows that a credit score is extremely important for purchasing a home, vehicle, or being approved for a credit card. Because your credit score determines your borrowing power, it is imperative that you learn how to avoid damaging your  credit score. Here are six surefire ways to hurt your credit score. 1. Applying for […]

Easy Way to Find Term Life Insurance Policy

At 25, I would say I’ve done a good job learning about personal finances. Managing finances isn’t easy.  There are so many moving parts to this puzzle including: debt, savings, income, student loans, investing, retirement, taxes, budgeting, and charitable giving among other things. There is one aspect of personal finance that I’ve all but completely […]

What Should I do With my Year-End Bonus?

This question is as old as time. I figured I’d ask it anyways since I don’t know the clear answer. My current employer gives employees bonuses based on several different factors. My bonus will be on the small side as it is only for about 6 months of work (like seriously after taxes and everything, […]

4 Years of Marriage and 4 Financial Lessons Learned

Today is our four-year anniversary! I can’t believe how quickly time has flown. When we were married 4 years ago, I was 21 (!!), and  hubby had  graduated college in December. The economy was (still) a mess and after six months of job searching, hubby finally got a job offer just three days before the […]

How I Make Extra Money

As a personal finance blogger I am always interested in hearing about how people make extra money. I am very motivated right now to make anything extra because we are trying to kick our student loans to the curb. Every dollar counts. I’ve really enjoyed blogging and reading blogs because I love to see how […]

5 Tips for the Newbie Couponer

 I first started using coupons during college to save on groceries. Let me clarify: groceries as in frozen pizza and frozen meals. I have to admit, couponing can be a little overwhelming at first. Like anything else, learning how to use coupons takes practice.  A few weeks ago, I shared my super easy coupon strategy. Today, […]

**SavedPlus Review and $100 Giveaway***

Between paying off student loans, saving for retirement, growing our emergency fund and planning a vacation, we have a lot to save up for. It can be overwhelming trying to manage all these goals and save money for everything. Some things are easier to save for than others. For example, it’s easy for me to save for […]

Three Personal Finance Lessons I learned while Traveling in Greece

It’s been nearly a year since hubby and I took our big vacation to Greece last spring and I am so ready to go back. Greece has been on my mind- yesterday I wrote about the fine art of making a Greek Salad.  Our trip to Greece really opened up my eyes. Over the last […]

Taxes are a Strategy Game

When I worked in public accounting, I was in a tax group that prepared tax returns for high net worth individuals – essentially America’s 1%. Day in, and day out, I was preparing tax returns, estimated payments, and projections for the richest of the rich. Let me tell you, it was a seriously eye-opening experience […]

Becoming Wealthly

One of the most interesting business classes I took during college was intermediate accounting. Sounds interesting, right?? Even though I was an accounting major, it wasn’t the subject that made the class interesting- It was actually the professor. She rarely discussed anything related to accounting during class and instead preferred to lecture about life lessons. […]

Take Advantage of an Unexpected Opportunity?

Yesterday my mom invited us over sunday lunch. We had lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and pie for dessert. Amazing meal to say the least. Even better, my mom cooked a double batch so we could take home leftovers..winning! Over lunch news came up that a family friend is getting ready to downsize and sell their […]