Frugal Fun Winter List


Winter can be such a drag. Especially when you are living in the north. It’s just too dang cold to go outside. It’s even been too cold to take Ruby for a walk! I feel so bad for her. While we’ve managed to go on a few very short walks, it’s nothing like her daily walk on her usual route. Poor girl is not too happy about this. I miss being outside too. I can’t wait for it to warm up a little bit. Since we still have a few months of winter left, I decided to make a list of cheap, fun indoor activities to keep me busy.  Here’s what I got:

Improve a skill

 A few years ago, my husband gave me a Canon Rebel DSLR camera for my birthday. It was a huge deal for me and is probably one of the few material possessions that I am actually emotionally attached to. I’ve decided that I would love to learn about how to take really cool pictures by using the manual mode. Going manual requires some camera knowledge. I found some excellent tutorials like this one as well as an awesome Youtube tutorial about how to use the camera. There are so many cool effects you can give your photos if you just know how to use the camera. Turns out there is a lot of free information and tutorials out there. What skill would you like to improve?

Learn a new Game

I want to learn how to play royal rummy. My parents have the game mat, I just need to read the instructions and learn the game. I don’t think it’s hard or anything. I always enjoy learning new games. I will borrow my parents game mat and use cards I already own. Sounds pretty frugal to me. What games are you playing?

Finish up craft projects

Here’s what I hate about crafting- It takes me forever to finish what I start.  I have two crochet projects that I have been working on forever. For some reason I just can’t find the motivation to sit down and actually finish them. One project was super simple and just needs maybe an hour of work to be finished. The other crochet project is an afghan. I think I took on more than I was ready for. I have at least 20 hours of work left on that blanket.. can’t wait to be done with it. It will be beautiful, but right now it feels like nightmare!


I’ve been bookmarking pinning tons of recipes I want to bake yet this winter. The nice thing about baking is that the oven really helps warm the house up. I love it. and I love tasty treats. A few things I would like to make include these amazing looking cinnamon rolls and No knead bread. Okay, enough about baking.. it’s making me hungry.


Yesterday I borrowed the book Devil in the White City from my local library. Here’s how I really won: I rented the book as an ebook. I was able to reserve it in the comfort of my home and have it delivered wireless to my Kindle. So I didn’t have to go out in the cold, or drive on the slippery roads. The entertainment came to me : ) Can’t wait to get reading!

What are you doing this winter to have fun?


  1. Great list, Liz! I will be reading, baking, and brushing up on “a skill” (maybe a skill?). I love learning and keeping busy – there’s no reason the winter should be an exception to this!
    Natalie @ Financegirl recently posted…Whether to Save and Invest When You’re Getting Out of DebtMy Profile

  2. Thanks to the technology. I am able to have some eBooks and entertainment on my tablet.
    Amos @ Modest Money recently posted…New Year’s Money ResolutionsMy Profile

  3. It’s not productive, but binging on TV shows can keep me entertained for days. During my time off around the holidays I got sick and didn’t feel like doing much, so I watched a LOT of Netflix. Definitely a good thing to do in the cold winter months.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…5 (More) Ways to Grow Your Blog This YearMy Profile

  4. Great ideas Liz! Things were busy so far this winter with the holidays, and now January is the month of birthdays in my family but I’m looking forward to slowing down soon and catching up on my reading and baking some tasty things. I love board games too. We actually had a game night at my house with friends on New Years Day and we played Taboo, Apples to Apples and a few other games. It was super cold where I’m at last week so I’m definitely looking forward to spring though. Can’t wait!
    Chonce recently posted…Live For The Moment? Traveling While You’re In DebtMy Profile

  5. I am gearing up to buy a camera and I cannot wait. Pictures is an art within itself and you can do so many creative things with them. Also you can now utilize your own pictures for your blog which in turn can save you lots of money. Have fun.
    Petrish @ Debt Free Martini recently posted…Top 4 Reasons Why People Think They Can’t SaveMy Profile

  6. This is a great post! I will definitely be doing a lot of baking and cooking. I actually want to try freezer meals out! I’ll also be taking my little ones to the library for story time and spending time working on the blog. I don’t really mind cold weather too much, but I’m definitely looking forward to being able to go on walks again!
    Sarah recently posted…Grow your income as a freelance writerMy Profile

  7. I have to say not much changes in my world from summer to “winter.” I remember the cozy days and night though of Michigan winters. There are some things I miss about it. Thankfully baking is not one of them not because baking is not awesome and it smells so good, but because I end up eating it all. No bueno! 🙂
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…Growing My Business: But at What Cost?My Profile

  8. Impressive Liz! I also like photography. And doing it manually is priceless! I tend to appreciate it more than to those pictures set in automatic. Once I know how to mix aperture, shutter speed, and ISO, good pictures are guaranteed. Good luck! I look forward to your pictures!
    Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted…How to Choose a Binary Options PlatformMy Profile

  9. Oh, I cannot wait for it to be warm again! We’ve tried spending some time outdoors but it’s unbearable. I love to bake in the winter too, but I’m trying to get my family into eating healthier, so no more sweets 🙁
    Lauren recently posted…4 Simple Changes I Made in 2014My Profile

  10. This is a great list Liz! I am a big fan of reading more in the winter, especially because we have a fireplace and I just love a good book and a glass of wine by the fire.
    Shannon @ Financially Blonde recently posted…15 Ways to Invest in 2015My Profile

  11. I’m also living in the frozen north (well, the upper midwest) and this is very timely 🙂 I have a quilt I’ve been working on for ages that I want to finish this year. Plus I’m upping the amount of time I put into my blog, which means learning new skills. There’s definitely a lot of huddling inside to be done over the next few months.
    C@thesingledollar recently posted…Wednesday Food Post (plus: make awesome lasagne like me)My Profile

  12. Great ideas! There’s so much I want to do and see in my city, but the cold is unbearable! Winter does seem to be a good time to explore new hobbies. I love cooking and baking, but I’m less active in winter and that makes baking dangerous. My list of books to read is always growing, and I forget about getting ebooks from the library. It’s time to start knocking out that list!
    Natalie @ Budget and the Bees recently posted…3 Kitchen Shortcuts for Quick and Healthy EatingMy Profile