Frugal Hack: How To Keep Your House Clean

keepingyourhousecleanI’ll just start off by being completely honest with everyone: My husband and I are NOT naturally organized and tidy people. Despite this fact, we both agree that it is so much more relaxing to live in a clean and organized house. Living in a clean and organized house makes us happier and more productive. Maybe other people can ignore the clutter and mess, but it makes it really hard for us to relax at night.

The Options

If we want to live in a clean house, we have two very basic options:

1) Hire a housekeeper – We could hire someone to actually take care of this cleaning business for us. Wouldn’t that be nice? I would love for someone to take care of the sweeping, dusting and vacuuming for us. We’ve actually considered this option before. As two busy, young, full-time professionals, it feels like free-time is the last thing we have. Here’s why we’ve never hired a housekeeper: money. Since we are super focused on paying off our student loan debt, we don’t feel like paying for a housekeeper..for now. This could change in the future.

2) Option two is to clean our house ourselves (as you might have already guessed). This is what we do now, and will likely do for the next year. Cleaning your own house isn’t a big deal. I would even argue that cleaning can actually be relaxing. What is a big deal, is trying to keep our house routinely clean. I don’t want to waste the weekends with cleaning.

The Best Tip

About two years ago, my husband and I decided that we needed to make a change. We wanted to live in a clean and organized space but couldn’t figure out how to keep our house clean or organized. So, when you have a question/problem where do you normally start looking for answers? Hello Google!  I researched how to keep you home clean and how to organize. There were many different resources on the internet. I was so happy to read other’s people’s advice and get inspired.

I eventually came across Alejandra‘s Home Organizing empire. She’s been featured on HGTV and offers classes on organization. She also has a huge YouTube Channel on organizing as well. I decided to sign up for one of her free video series. The class was awesome and gave me the best tip for keeping your house clean and organized:

Spend 15 minutes cleaning your house everyday.

Yeah, It’s that simple. If you (and maybe even your significant other or roommate) each take 15 minutes every day (Monday-Friday) to clean the house, you’ve put in a collective 2.5 hours of cleaning by Friday night.  By the time the weekend rolls around we have very few house cleaning chores that need to get done.  This routine has worked wonders for us. We know longer waste a half-day on Saturday or Sunday cleaning the house. Instead we chose to get a few things done every night during the week.

Here are some easy chores we get done during the week:

  • Doing the Dishes
  • Washing the hand-wash only dishes
  • Laundry
  • Wiping down counter tops
  • Take out the trash
  • vacuum the rugs
  • Clean the toilets
  • Dusting
  • Sorting through the mail/Throw out junk mail

Frugal Hack

I really hope this  method of house cleaning will be helpful to some of my readers. I know we are all super busy working and side hustling our tails off. We have debt to pay off, savings to grow, net worth to build and dreams to reach. For many of us, hiring a housekeeper simply isn’t an option we can afford. Hopefully this frugal housekeeping Hack will help you keep your house clean and organized.

Do you struggle to keep organized? Do you hire a housekeeper? What’s your favorite organizing trick?


  1. We struggle with this Liz, but this is our month to get organized!!! We’ve been trying to do more of this and were doing well but got off track again. Arghh!
    Laurie @thefrugalfarmer recently posted…The Benefits of Long-Term Food Storage and PreparednessMy Profile

  2. I need my apt to be pretty clean and organized to function so I’ve always naturally spent 15 minutes a day cleaning (and I don’t have a dishwasher either). I hate it when I go to friend’s houses and it’s filthy and I wonder how they can even cook in a kitchen like that. lol! A little each day goes a long way!
    Tonya@Budget and the Beach recently posted…Health & Wealth Challenge-Week OneMy Profile

  3. In our home, DH is a little scattered while I am very organized and really like for our space to be neat and well kept. I do actually clean a little bit each day so that I don’t have to give up a few hours on the week-end just for cleaning. My mom has had a cleaning lady for several years but that’s because she’s physically unable to do it herself at this point.
    Kassandra recently posted…Are You On The Road To Rebellion?My Profile

  4. Cleaning everyday for 15 minutes is a great idea. We actually have a cleaning lady and she has been with us for 6 years. I would hate to let her go, but she actually gives my time back to me and I can make more working than cleaning so from a total return perspective she makes sense for our home.

  5. I’m pretty tidy, but dream of having a cleaner on a regular basis! But right now, I definitely have to clean myself to save money. I have hired a cleaning service when I have moved out of a rental property and again before hosting a party I had at my home once. I just didn’t have the time. It was worth it because I found a couple of amazing deals on Groupon and spent almost nothing for a few hours of cleaning. This made it totally worth it!
    Kristin recently posted…My first vacation of 2015 is planned and paid for!My Profile

  6. I think this is a very useful tip! By cutting it up into 15-minute bites, the chore becomes easier and can be easily established as a habit!
    How To Save Money recently posted…Saving by Shopping at Garage Sales and Thrift ShopsMy Profile

  7. Yes! If you just get in the habit of cleaning a little bit every day, your house stays clean. I’m a huge proponent of success habits and this is certain one of them. Great photo by the way – bet it will do awesome on Pinterest 🙂

  8. My strategies are I always put everything back in the right place after use and have trash bin in every room. By doing this, I keep the house clean. I hire a helper when I feel the house is very messy.
    Jayson @ Monster Piggy Bank recently posted…Building a House Step by Step – Part 1My Profile

  9. Because we have cats it’s important to me to clean frequently. I like your idea of cleaning 15 minutes a day, every day. I think another variation would be to clean 30 minutes every 2 days, which is more in-line with what I do. It’s worked out well and it keeps the cat hair in the trash and not on the floor, as well as makes the overall “feel” of the room better.
    DC @ Young Adult Money recently posted…4 Ways To Further Invest In Your Side BusinessMy Profile

  10. You know, I’m not totally comfy with the idea of housekeepers. I did a few times when I was really pregnant, but I spend so much time watching what they do. I didn’t care for random people roaming around my house. Trying to balance with blogging and offline tasks – housekeeping can really suffer. I do just try to do the routine things regularly. Run the dishwasher and stack as I go. I use Saturday AM (or sometimes Sunday) when I fresh to do the larger jobs (bathrooms and floors). That’s one reason I’m not pressed about moving into a larger home. I have to get order in this one down first!
    Toni @ Debt Free Divas recently posted…Healthy Meals in a HurryMy Profile

  11. I love this! I do try to the 15 minute thing, but it’s not everyday yet. One big problem we have right now is our tan carpet that picks up everything. It was brand new 7 months ago, and it looks beat up already. We have a spot cleaner that works pretty well, but it’s a pain to sit down and really scrub every spot. My daily ritual is making sure to take out any papers and bottles to the recycling and trying to keep our junk mail pile minimal.
    Sally recently posted…Half-Marathon Recap and What’s Next in FitnessMy Profile