Write Effective Goals for the New Year

Welcome to day 1 of the Goal-Setting workshop. I want to make 2014 my best year yet by setting goals to achieve my dreams. This workshop provides advice and tips for goal writing as well as motivation to stick to them! 

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By the end of December, I am normally ready for the end of the holiday season. I’ve had plenty of feasts, presents and holiday cheer. It is such a magical time and completely exhausting at the same time. I enjoy cleaning my house after the holidays and carefully packing away the holiday decorations. I love that feeling I get when my home and schedule are restored back to the usual. I enjoy the sense of freshness of a new year. For me, January 1st feels like a brand new chapter. There is so much opportunity and potential for a new start. I can do anything with a new year. Setting strong goals can help you achieve success in the new year.

Growing up, my dad would always ask me about my goals for the new year. We would also have this conversation right before every new school year or semester during college. My dad always insisted on having this conversation even during those teenage years when my response was probably an enormous eye roll!  This was his way of getting me to start thinking about my future and what I wanted from life.  I finally started to appreciate this over the last few years and am glad he never gave up on this conversation.

When I started my first job after college in July 2012 (at a big-4 accounting firm) I was shocked by how much the firm focused on goal setting. We were required to attend a 2-hour presentation about goal setting. Additionally,  twice a year were required to go back and review our work goals and assess our progress. If that wasn’t enough,  we were also each assigned a counselor (normally a manager or senior manager) and required to meet with them once a year to discuss our progress on our goals. It appears that some businesses also seem to understand the importance of pushing their employees to set and achieve their goals.

So Why a Workshop? 

While talking about goals is very important, the vast majority of people do not take action on their goals and dreams.  I know that I, for one, am guilty. Some years I didn’t even bother to formulate any goals at all.

Goals are steps to reach your dreams. Goals require commitment, consistency and enthusiasm. Sure, sometimes I do get those goals written down but how often am I able to follow through with them? I’m talking January-December…Hardly ever. Life is busy and it seems like people struggle to make time for these activities in their personal lives. I  wanted to create a resource for those of you looking to have a great year ahead and change the way you use goal-setting.

 A Sneak Preview of what’s to come this week
  • Tips on goal writing
  • Free goal printable
  • Inspiration
  • Advice on how to stick to it this year

Have you ever set and stuck to your goals for an entire year? 


  1. I always set a number of goals at the beginning of the year and I have to admit some of them fall to the wayside. This year, though, I did stick to my goal of making $1k/month on average on my side hustles and I actually achieved it! Took a TON of work but was so worth it. I hope to set some realistic goals for 2014 and to stick with them.

    • number goals are great because it is an easy way to measure how well you are doing. As an accountant, I really feel comfortable analyzing numbers so this would work well for me as well. Side note- 1K per month is super impressive! My goals for 2014 will be focusing on blogging and side income.

  2. Hey Liz, I can’t say I’ve ever had a goal that lasted an entire year…well at least not anything specific to that. I do have a goal to retire at 35 and I’ve been sticking with what I need to do there. Thanks for sharing this great post!

    • retire at 35? Would love to hear how you plan to get there. Sounds nearly impossible without winning a lottery or receiving an inheritance!

      • Hey Liz, I know it’s a pretty serious goal, but it’s working out. I’ve been working 12 to 18 hours a day for a couple of years and plan to do it until I retire. With the time I spend at work, I’ve got very little time to spend money. So, I’m putting it all into long term investments. I’ve got a specific amount of money in mind. When I hit that amount, I should never have to work again. For now, I’m living broke and working hard! See ya around!

  3. Not sure if you’re familiar with it, but lululemon has a great goal setting program – I’ve been using it for a couple years now and I find it really helps. http://www.lululemon.com/education/goalsetting

    As a goal-junkie I’m looking forward to following your workshop!

  4. I’m great at setting goals, but my follow through is sometimes lacking. Usually financial goals I do really well, but health and wellness goals, not so much. I think that I probably make too many goals and then I lose focus halfway (or less) through the year. Looking forward to the series because I obviously need it 😉

  5. I didn’t really do resolutions for 2013. I wrote out some goals for 2014 but nothing earth-shattering. I just want to continue improving my life in any way that I can.

  6. I stuck to some goals but could have told you which one were too ambitious from the start. So now I do small monthly goals, it puts less pressure and is easily achievable.