Three Ways that Invoice Financing Could Benefit Your Business


For companies in need of capital, invoice factoring can offer an ideal solution to your problems. Lower risk and more flexible than many of its borrowing alternatives, it’s becoming an increasingly popular funding avenue for companies.

Invoice Financing

However, many people remain unaware of its existence. They’re entirely unfamiliar with the concept, or how it could help them. To summarise, invoice financing is a way of borrowing capital against outstanding invoices. It takes one of two forms – factoring or discounting – lending it a flexibility that means it suits almost every business around.

If you’re considering your borrowing options, here are three reasons why you might like to add invoice financing to your shortlist…


Invoice Financing is a Low Risk Borrowing Option

One of the main benefits of invoice financing is that it’s much lower risk than many of its counterparts. This is because of how it works i.e. the capital you borrow is levied against your outstanding invoices. This means that should your business experience difficulties, you won’t stand to lose your home or company itself. Rather, once the invoices come in, your provider will take their cut from these, which means that they only ever dip into funds that you can afford to spare.


Invoice Financing Prevents Your Debts from Mounting

Another attraction of invoice financing is that borrowers don’t become indebted in the traditional sense of the word. Rather than accepting the money in the hopes that you’ll be able to repay it when you profit in the future, you’re accepting the money on the basis of invoices that you’re already owed. There is no question that you’ll fail to make the sum you need; rather, you’re simply gaining access to money that will be yours prematurely, in order to keep your cash flow moving.


Invoice Financing Gives You Access to Financial Professionals

A further advantage of invoice financing over other borrowing options applies to invoice factoring specifically. When you contract with a provider, like Touch Financial, you not only gain access to funds, but also to a team that will take care of your invoice ledger for you and chase up any late payments. This takes the burden of doing so off your hands, freeing up you and your staff members for more important tasks.


If your business is experiencing cash flow problems of its own, could invoice financing be of benefit to you?