XTrade Review For Those Who Want To Trade Online

XTrade is one of the leading CFD brokers at the moment. It is based in Cyprus and is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

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In simple terms, it is a very reliable broker and it is completely safe to trade on their platform. One thing that separates this broker from other brokers on the market is its powerful trading platform that has been designed in-house for its users.


Large Number Of Instruments

Traders can trade over 2000 instruments on its platform including ETFs, 50 pairs of foreign exchange currency, shares, commodities and other instruments. A number of risk management tools are also offered to interested traders on the XTrade platform. They also offer a high amount of leverage though the amount of leverage depends on the type of instruments traders want to trade.

In fact, it is also credited as the one of the first brokers that offered leveraged trading on bitcoin. The trading platform and website is offered to traders all over the world in 32 different languages and the user gets redirected to the appropriate language depending on their location. Another unique aspect of this brokerage is that they have absolutely no sales team.


Demo Account Option

Everything is done online and if one wants to open an account with them, they can complete the online application process to open an account and also transfer money online. This works great for experienced traders who just want to trade in various instruments and not get bothered by sales team.

They also offer a completely free demo account which means beginner traders can sign up for their demo account and start practicing using virtual currency on their trading platform. The demo account allows beginner traders to get a feel of their platform and also enhance their trading skills without risking real money.

Getting A Real Account

As far as opening a real account at XTrade is concerned, only a deposit of 100 USD is required to open a trading account with the brokerage. They also offer free money as bonus to the new traders who open an account with them. It is an excellent option for beginners as well as experienced traders who can make use of the demo account to get a feel of the platform.

When it comes to customer support, they offer support through fax as well as e-mail. Though no support through phone or online chat is offered, it has been observed through various online reviews that their customer support team is very active and replies to all the e-mails within 24 hours. They have over a million clients all over the world which means that their trading platform is robust.

Their website is extremely easy to use and all the information that one needs to open an account is available there. They do not charge any commission and they only make money through the spread on trades.

Overall, XTrade is a high-quality broker offering a variety of trading instruments to trade on their in-house platform. Their in-house platform is easy to use and is preferred by many users all over the world over various other trading platforms. If you are currently looking to open a brokerage account, it is strongly recommended to go to their website and read about various features offered by them before you decide to s