How To Select The Right Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

Selling your home is always a stressful time, whether planning the logistics of packing, finding a removal firm or negotiating mortgage deals. Finding the right estate agents for your needs can help to make this tense time a little more relaxing. However, knowing the right agent from the wrong can in itself be a stressful task.

Estate Agents

To help alleviate the worry, here are steps you can take to help you find the best agent.


Independent Versus Chain

You may be inclined to choose a long established nationwide agent, but it may be wise to consider a local estate agent with specialist knowledge. An agency that works solely in your area has a strong foundation within the local community and therefore may be able to provide a more realistic valuation and tailored service.


Try Before You Buy (Or Sell)

Before making your final decision, visit prospective agents as an interested buyer. With each interaction, note how approachable and welcoming staff are, whether agents actively promote their properties as well as their eagerness to help. You could also considering booking a viewing, to view their sales techniques first hand.


Seek Personal Recommendations

While you can trawl the property ombudsman and spend hours reading online reviews, personal recommendations can be vital. Take the time to speak to family and friends who have recently moved, find out which agent they used and ask about their personal experience.


Marketing Methods

The way in which your home is marketed is crucial when it comes to securing a sale. With more than three billion people online, it is imperative that your property is advertised via online portals. Prior to making your decision, clarify which marketing methods agents use and make sure you repair and decorate your property before photographs are taken.


Viewings and Working Hours

Society no longer functions on a nine-to-five basis, so if you work long shifts then the chances are that your potential buyers might, too. So before you settle on an agent, work out your schedule and check that your agent can carry out viewings when you are unavailable.


Double Up

As well as considering all of the above, it is worth noting that if you sell your home and purchase a new property with the same agent, they may offer you a discount on fees. Therefore, if you have viewed your dream property, it may be worth while trying to negotiate a deal for selling your current home.


They Work For You

Finally, no matter which agent you choose, always bear in mind that they work for you. Remember, you are paying for a service and the agent does not get their commission until completion, so feel free to discuss any issues or problems that may arise.


  1. Awesomely great tips specially for newbies in the real estate world. Love that you included the last tip. Sometimes, a small open talk can make a big difference for a successful deal.
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