Selling your car: How to get the best price

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to upgrade your car, or you simply fancy a change then you’ll need to sell your old vehicle first.

Selling Your Car

There’s a number of different ways you can do this; you can create your own advert to sell in a local paper, you can take it to a garage to trade in, or you could sell it to a local buyer online, through an established retailer.

Whatever preferences you have and whatever methodology you choose, you’ll want to get the best price for your old car. So to ensure you do this, there’s a few steps you need to take to help maximise its value. Here’s what you need to do:


Research Prices

To get an idea of what your car could be worth, have a look online at what equivalent makes and models are going for. This should take into consideration factors such as age, mileage, vehicle history, service history and more – as all of these can account for depreciation in value. Then, you have a benchmark to work towards.


The Right Condition

It’s simply common sense that a car that looks presentable is going to be more appealing to a potential buyer. So you should clean your car both inside and out to make sure it’s looking its best. A full clean will also highlight any marks or scratches which you can then buff out or respray to leave a neat finish.


Taking Photographs

Now your car is looking as good as new, you need to take photos that complement it, especially if you’re planning to sell online or in a local paper. Be sure to take pictures with a decent camera from all angles, including the interior. A useful tip is to do this when the weather is good, as the car will look better in the lit up in the sunshine.


The Bartering Process

When you do start getting people to come and view your car, be sure to stay firm with your valuation and don’t let anybody try and rip you off. People will try to find faults and flaws in your car, but with your price research behind you, you can more than justify what you are charging. Remember to also be complementary of the vehicle and explain how reliable it is and how well it drives; you’ll want people to feel like they’re getting a good deal.

So, be sure to take on board this useful advice and soon you could be on your way to a quick sale that sees you get the right prices for your car.